Mehmet Akif Ersoy’un İngilizce Hayatı

Mehmet Akif Ersoy’un İngilizce Hayatı

Mehmet Akif Ersoy’un İngilizce Hayatı

He is the poet of Turkish National Anthem. He was born in 1877 in Istanbul. His mother’s name is Emine Şerife and his father’s name is Temiz Tahir. He started his elementary education at Emir Buhari School. He continued his education at the school for civil servants after his elementary and secondary education. He quit this school after his father’s death and his house burned out. Then he went to Veterinary School. He was interested in foreign language classes during his education. He learned French and Persian Languages. He got Arabic Classes from his father. He worked as a veterinarian in Rumelia, Anatolia and Arabia. He knew about people during his worklife. His employment started in 1893 and ended in 1913. He was teaching Literature in schools during his employment. He got married in 1893.

School education was not enough for Akif. He studied himself to expand his knowledge. He continued studying Literature by teaching and writing poems after he started work life. He started to publish his poems in a newspaper in 1908. Akif had never used his poems as a source for a living. In spite of this he was known because of his poetry. He went to Berlin and Arabia during World War I. Çanakkale war occurred during his stay in Berlin. He wrote his works named Berlin Memories and From Necid Deserts to Medina. He went to Lebanon with his best friend İsmail Hakkı İzmirli in the last year of the war.

The enemies attacked to our land from all our borders to divide our country after World War I. He gave speeches to people to explain the importance of
defence our country. He moved to Anatolia when national defence belief grew up and spread out.

He went to Inebolu from Istanbul by sail. Then he went to Ankara from there. Due to Konya rebellion he went to Konya and paid an important role to force down the rebellion. Then he returned to Ankara. He went to Kastamonu From Ankara and gave speeches in Nasrullah Masque. His speeches were spread out all over the country. Then he came back to Ankara.

He was elected as a parliament from Burdur in 1920. He wrote Turkish National Anthem on January 17, 1921. Turkish Parliament selected this anthem as Turkish National Anthem.

After victory He wet to Istanbul. He was invited to Egypt by Abbas Halim Pasha in 1923. Then he was living in Egypt in the Winters and in Istanbul in the Summers. Halim Pasha guarantied his living of life. When he returned to Istanbul next summer he was charged to translate The Quran to Turkish. Akif worked on this for years. Then he understood that he was not qualified for this and he quit. He started teaching Turkish at Egypt University in 1926. After returning from the classes he was working on the translation of The Quran. During this time he got a serious illness. He could not understand the seriousness of the disease. He went to Lebanon to change environment. Then he went to Antakya in 1936. He came back to Egypt and then came to Istanbul. He was treated at the hospital in Istanbul but he could not be cured and he died 27 December 1936. His grave is in The Edirnekapı Cemetery.

PERSONALITY : He had about 100 articles and 50 poems and translations published in various newspapers and magazines. But Akif is one of the famous poets in our history. His poems take an important place in our literature.

Mehmet Akif was a poet who reflected his age’s lifestyle on his poems. He tried to explain the situation of Turkish People in the first quarter of the 20 th century. He gave place to all kind of his age’s people in his works. He selected many kind of environments like palace, inn, street, mosque, war area, hotels, etc. in his works. Before writing a poems he studied the environment and then took notes. He wrote everything clearly and understandable. He did not reflect his personal feelings in his poems. He reflected society’s feelings in his poems. He was happy and sad in place of people in his works.

Akif did not like immoral, imitated and insincerity literature. People’s expressions and words take place in his works often. His subjects in his poems were social problems of the country, difficult situation of Anatolian People and events he witnessed.

Akif liked his people and religion. Because he wrote the Turkish National Anthem, He has been called “National Poet”. He was not liked because he did not like Sultan The Abdülhamit Han II.

WORKS : General name of his works is Safahat. His first work is called with this name. Other works are called Süleymaniye Kürsüsü, Hakkın Sesleri, Fatih Kürsüsünden, Hâtıralar, Asım, Gölgeler. These were printed several times but they were all printed under the name of Safahat . Total numbers of the quatrains in Safahat are about 12000. His poems İstiklal Marşı, Bülbül, Ordunun Duası, Çanakkale are composed.

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